Font Tiếng Việt Maverick Grotesk – March Nguyen

  • Tác giả: March Nguyen
  • Người đăng: Quang Đăng
  • Việt hóa: March Nguyen
  • Số lượt tải font: 690
  • Ngày upload: 09/04/2024
  • Chia sẻ Facebook
Lưu ý: Font này chỉ sử dụng cho mục đích cá nhân. Sử dụng cho mục đích thương mại nên mua bản quyền gốc từ tác giả.

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Maverick Grotesk – a condensed font is considered a narrower version of a standard typeface. Its narrow width and tall characters make it a good choice for filling tight spaces or lines of type.
Due to their tall, narrow nature and because the letters are more closely spaced, condensed fonts are known to be more challenging to read than regular-sized fonts. However, this unique characteristic can be leveraged to make a lasting impression on readers.
With this typeface you can do a lot for graphic design, like influence, entice, and even put off audiences. That’s why it’s important to recognize its merits and uses. Whether you’re working on an infographic, signage, web design, or any graphic design project, you can find a use for condensed fonts.
. This font also support multi language.
Vietnamese Ization and Design by 26MARCH
Date: 26/03/2024

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